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Lonely Angel, Liu Jin 2006

To start off the event Liu Jin presented

at 15:00 hours


All people in Berlin were invited to join a musical reunification. The artist conducted a piece of choir music spontaneously rehearsed with the audience: One half of the audience sang the national anthem of the former GDR while the other half sang the national anthem of of the FRG at the same time (simultaneously).

Please click here to see 30 photographs of Liu Jin's performance.

Please join us to sing along. Under this link you find:

Texts, scores and sound examples in case you want to practise.


Taokan moving Bricks, Chen Mei-Tsen

Chen Mei-Tsen from Taiwan presented at 15:15 hours


The Taiwanese artist works with soap bubbles, 100 bricks and the audience in order to present her performance inspired by an ancient anecdote well known in China.

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Art Defeats the Great Firewall of China,
Gao Yue Wen

Gao Yue Wen presented at 15:30 hours


Please click here to see 30 photographs of Gao Yue Wen's performance

The artist traveled all the way from China with a suitcase full of bricks in order to depict the defeat mentioned above in a performative manner in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

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Curator: Stephan Hausmeister

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