Taokan Moving Bricks

Performance sketch,

Chen Mei-Tsen 2009

Around VI centuries in China, Taokan, a former governor of Jingzhou, was demoted to remote areas of Guangzhou because of slanders. Taokan did not give up and wanted to strengthen in his decision: every morning he moved 100 bricks from his study outside the room; then moved back inside the house into the evening. Years later, he was promoted to major general and governor of Jingzhou.

But my performance is quite simple, I turn the fall of the wall into the construction of a new wall, a dreamlike wall which can breathe: so 100 bricks will be needed, I will use these bricks to construct a small wall (about 100 x 120 cm) with the help of the audience (I hope). Finally I blow bubbles through the holes of the wall to the other side...

Chen Mei-Tsen, October 2009
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