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Isidro L-aparicio (Spain)

Longevos, Digital print, 100 x 70 cm, 2008

The work of Isidro L-aparicio offers a vision of how the human being develops in relation to society. In spite of remaining part of a particular social group the individual gradually differentiates from this original social environment, becoming increasingly susceptible to wider influences, both consciously and unconsciously.

L-aparicio focuses on this phenomenon and on the process of socialisation in our global age where human relations are re-defined through the speed and directness of global communication which shortens distances and introduces a massive flow of information and influences, de-stabalising existing social norms and spawning new ones. He contrasts the widely varying demographics between countries of the developing world and the West, referring to a “technological gap” and simultaneously a gap in life expectancy, life experience and knowledge.

In digitally collaged photographs and drawings L-aparicio interweaves these ideas with remnants of childhood narratives, symbols of life and death and blurred groups of figures. The result is a fluid, slightly surreal space existing between reality and dream-like visions - a metaphor for the human condition.


Isidro L-aparicio born in Santisteban del Puerto / Spain lives and works in Granada / Spain

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