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Cour des Miracles: Colmar, France Sebastian Utzni 2007 -08


All the Things Between


Photography and video from Europe and North America

Exhibition Dates: 13 – 26 June 2008

Opening reception: 3 pm Saturday 14 June

Sevenstar Main Street 798 Art Zone
No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100015

all the things between
is a major exhibition of photography and video work showcasing eight cutting-edge emerging and established artists from Europe and North America, each with a compelling and radical approach to photography or video.

all the things between explores the phenomena of photography as an all-encompassing mediator of reality and imagination in our contemporary world. The exhibition presents the antithesis of the ubiquitous imagery of slick consumerism where narratives overlay and homogenize culture and location. Instead, these artists explore experiences of time and location, uncertainty and ambiguity, places visited, places imagined and places remembered, suspending the spectator in the space between.

Our understanding of the world is bound to iconic imagery and photography and video is seen as a tool to record what is newsworthy, grandiose and momentous. all the things between brings together artists who explore the gaps or fissures between such events. Whether it is the objectification of the seemingly mundane or a re-imagining of a time and place seen through improbable circumstances, collectively the artists share a dialogue that gives visual form to questions about our expectation of realism and the reading of imagery in the age of globalization.

test_thumbAlison Dalwood (UK) combines photography with reflective surfaces. The effect is cinematic, capturing the surrounding space and re-presenting the movement it contains in shifting combinations of image and reflection. more >>

test_thumbStephan Hausmeister (Germany) re-edits and re-publishes imagery found in the mass media. By displacing context and sequence he questions the politics, logics and mechanics of pictures. more >>

test_thumb Sam Jury (UK) also leads us to question the veracity of what we see presented to us in photographic mass media. Her photographic and video work is fabricated and staged, and therefore nothing is as it seems. more >>

test_thumbTimothy Van Laar (USA) is interested in the banality of widely distributed images that somehow fail at their announced intentions. He appropriates found photographic, printed materials to examine and critique social relationships and conditions. more >>

test_thumbIsidro L-aparicio (Spain) interweaves in digitally collaged photographs and drawings remnants of childhood narratives with symbols of life and death. The result is a fluid, slightly surreal space existing between reality and dream-like visions - a metaphor for the human condition. more >>

test_thumbStefan Sulzer’s (Switzerland) video installation Camp David, suggests the drama associated with that globally recognized venue, but soon becomes a meditation on place that holds the viewer captive with the lure of anticipation.
more >>

test_thumbSebastian Utzni (Germany) juxtaposes bland photographs of unremarkable places with texts describing myths or true stories about the location. more >>

test_thumbMichael Wright’s (UK) video projections of street scenes draw attention to our social position and cultural place, our imaginative inner world and the shared worlds we experience through social interaction and global media. more >>

A full colour exhibition catalogue (52pgs) is available. This exhibition is a joint collaboration between Inter Art Center, China and / UK and will tour in Europe in 2008. The exhibition is funded by the University of Hertfordshire, UK, Plymouth College of Art, UK, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, Beales Hotel, UK, Enterpreise AB Ltd, UK. Individual artists are funded by Arts Council England.

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